Hypnotherapy to aid Skype Counselling.

It is possible that hypnotherapy can aid the counselling process. This can be done either by live hypnotherapy via Skype or by a personalised recording via mp 3 that can be downloaded and listened to in private.

A lot of people are very dubious of hypnosis but it is actually a very natural process. Unlike popular belief you do not lose consciousness. You are fully aware of everything happening around you and you cannot be made to do anything against your will or your moral code. Hypnosis is quite simply deep relaxation and all you ever feel is very relaxed – as I said you are fully conscious at all times and should something need your attention then you would be able to come out of it. Under hypnosis you go into a trance state. Although this sounds strange we go into a trance many times during the course of the day. For example reading is a trance state. We will often go into a trance when watching television. We might not even be aware of what’s happening on the television, until someone asks us what’s happened and we have no idea. Sometimes we will just go into a day dream which is a form of trance. Therefore there is nothing unusual about a trance state.

Whilst we are so relaxed our subconscious mind is more open to suggestion that can benefit us. Very often we want to feel differently but something inside stops us or we may want to act in a certain way but something inside again stops us. While we are so relaxed under hypnosis we can learn there are other ways we can feel and other ways we can react. When we eventually open our eyes very often we feel very calm and peaceful helping us to rid ourselves of anxiety and stress starting the healing process.

I have no special powers, no more than any other hypnotist, anybody can hypnotise someone. Obviously, like everything in life, some people are better at it than others and of course with practice we become better at it. In fact most people use hypnosis and do not even realise it. For example, when a child is upset or hurt we will put them on our knee and talk to them calmly, relaxing them down, which is a form of hypnosis. We may well then even Use autosuggestions (mummy kiss it better).