Online Skype counselling for sexual problems.

Most sexual problems tend to be psychological but we mustn’t ignore the fact that a small percentage are symptoms of a physical problem. Therefore, if you are having problems with sex then you should first visit your GP to make sure that this is not a physical problem.

Sex problems normally start with just one small thing going wrong; the person not being able to perform in some way. They then start to be anxious the next time they are about to make love and because they are anxious things start to go wrong again. The next step will be to start to be anxious about having sex before even thinking about having sex and so a negative cycle is built up, worrying about having sex causing anxiety and diminishing performance. This then causes the person to worry more and a spiral develops having negative feelings causing more problems which in turn cause more negative feelings.

However, for some people the reason starts before they ever experience sex. This can be caused by the expectation that is put on to young people. After all sex is just an instinctive act which nearly every animal, creature and even plants indulge in. It is the most natural thing in nature but man has made it so important, probably because we are so driven by sex and because of taboos and inhibitions it is easy to make a profit from it. The importance of getting it right can cause so much stress to some people that it makes them full of fear and anxiety instead of just relaxing and enjoying it.

Online counselling for sexual problems can be very beneficial. Being able to talk about the problem openly, without any embarrassment, when the counsellor is not even actually in the room with you, enables you to really examine the problem. You can learn how to take the worry and the anxiety away. Understanding the problem and realising that probably there isn’t really any real problem there at all can take you a long way to recovery.

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