Online counselling over Skype for OCD.

OCD, or obsessive compulsion disorder can be very debilitating. Obsessions and compulsions affect most of us in some way or another but normally do not affect our life dramatically. On the other hand for some people they can totally dictate their lives therefore becoming a disorder. They become a form of ritual which can almost seem to become a third party that makes them do these things and unless the sufferer completes these rituals they feel some terrible fate will fall upon them.

Although the most common forms of OCD are things like repeatedly washing hands, obsessive cleaning and checking doors are locked etc. the obsessions can be very widespread. They can even include obsessive thoughts.

Through online counselling over Skype the sufferer has a chance to talk openly without being judged. It is possible to discover the events that started the obsession and the reasons why this made the obsession develop. Together we can find ways of overcoming the obsession.

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