Low self-esteem online counselling over Skype.

Self-esteem is how we see ourselves and what value we put on ourselves. When we suffer with low self-esteem we do not put much value on our self. This can start at any age. It only needs something to make us feel badly about our self or someone to treat us in a way that makes us feel badly about our self. This can then make us feel uncomfortable in certain situations which likely to get us a negative response from other people. This in turn then makes us feel even worse about our self. A cycle then develops of feeling uncomfortable, avoiding certain situations, getting negative responses from other people and making us feel even worse about our self.

Online counselling for low self-esteem allows us to talk about these problems openly in total confidentiality. Just talking about a problem can very often help us to see it in a different way. We can very often learn when it actually started and what made us feel so bad about our self. We can learn ways to make us feel better about our self and just relax and stop worrying and to realise that for most people what we do, what we look like or how we act is of no importance to them. The only people it is of importance to, is those that care about us and they just accept us for who we are.

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