Overcoming jealousy with the help of online counselling over Skype.

Jealousy is often confused with envy. Envy is the desire normally for something someone else owns or achievements they may have made. Jealousy is an emotion of fear that he or she might lose something that’s important to them.

Generally this is seen in relationships where one partner fears that the other will find someone else more attractive to them. It will cause arguments and the sufferer may start trying to put restrictions on their partner. They will feel uncomfortable about their partner talking to members of the opposite sex or even being in the company of them. They may feel uncomfortable about their partner seeing members of the opposite sex scantily clad or naked. It can even go as far as stopping them from reading papers or watching some television programmes.

Jealousy makes the sufferer feel inadequate and inferior and very often accompanies low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Although on the surface it appears that the sufferer doesn’t trust their partner, jealousy is not a lack of trust. It is just a fear that their partner does not find them as attractive as other people.

Through good online counselling over Skype jealousy can be reduced as we look to why jealousy began, why the sufferer feels inferior, inadequate and suffers from low self-esteem and confidence problems. Counselling can help the sufferer to have less self-doubt and feel better about themselves.

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