Online counselling for depression over Skype.

Severe depression can totally control your life. We all get depressed at times, maybe things aren’t working out quite right or we lose contact with someone possibly through death or relationship breakdown. Then everything starts to build up and even this can be very debilitating.

Severe depression is something else entirely. It totally controls your life, it can even be an effort to get out of bed in the morning and all we can see is negativity and doubt. There may be no motivation to do anything, the simplest of tasks become an effort. For some people the only answer is to remain on drugs for the rest of their life, for others depression may only last for a reasonably short period and for some depression comes and goes depending on what’s going on in their life.

For some people online counselling for depression can help them to see things in a different way. Being able to talk frankly and honestly about how they feel and maybe about things that have happened in the past can improve their quality of life.

If you would like to try counselling over Skype please fill in the form below for a 20 minute free consultation so we can find a suitable time for both of us to link up.