Skype Counseling and how it can help us overcome problems.

It is amazing how just talking to someone about a problem can often help us see it in a totally different way and allow us to overcome that problem.

Very often when we have a problem, whatever it may be, it overtakes our thinking and just goes over and over in our mind. It almost seems to get stuck in a loop and goes round and round and as it goes round it gets amplified and becomes a bigger problem than ever before. When we eventually do talk to someone about it and we actually say the words that we’ve been thinking we can often see it in a totally different way.

When we have an emotional problem it can be very difficult to talk about how we feel. It can be very embarrassing. We can fear that if someone close to us knows about how we feel so deeply it could affect the whole of our life. If someone knows about this problem it could make them treat us in a different way to how they normally would. Or maybe they would even tell somebody else and everybody might find out. This is why talking to a counsellor can be so beneficial. When somebody talks to me over Skype they can choose to have a video link or not. They may not even tell me their name, although it is totally confidential anyway. If at the end of the session they choose to, they can forget all about it and it would never affect their everyday life. This makes it very easy for people to talk about their problem.

With training and years of experience in talking to people, clients are often very surprised at how much information they find out about why they feel the way they do and learn how normally it is just a case of a totally natural reaction to an abnormal situation.