Increase confidence with online counselling over Skype.

We can lack confidence in many areas of our life. It is lacking belief in our own ability, whether that be talking in public, taking an exam, approaching people to talk to them, performing on stage or practically any other thing that we are liable to do.

In some cases this can start off with one unpleasant experience in a certain situation and once we have had that unpleasant experience we can then start to fear having the same experience in a similar situation again. We are therefore likely to enter a similar situation feeling anxious, stressed or even frightened and therefore have an unpleasant experience again and so that lack of confidence grows.

Unfortunately a very common reaction is to then wonder if we are likely to have a similar experience in a different situation and that fear alone can then make us have that unpleasant experience in a new situation and so that lack of confidence eventually grows into many different situations.

Online counselling over Skype for increased confidence can be very helpful as the client can feel very relaxed in their own surroundings just talking to the computer. We can discuss how they feel, when the problem started and ways that the client might be able to deal with those situations. The client may even choose to have some online hypnotherapy or a hypnotherapy MP 3. With encouragement they can learn to change all those negative feelings about their self and their abilities into positive ones in a relaxed and calm way.

If you would like to try online counselling for confidence I offer a free 20 minute initial consultation when we can have a chat. This gives you an opportunity to see if you feel comfortable and that it may be able to help you. Please fill in the form below if you would like to find out some times I have available to talk to you.