Online counselling over Skype for stopping bad habits.

Obviously not all habits are bad, for example brushing our teeth in the morning and evening or after meals is a very good habit. Making sure that the door is locked before we leave home, washing or showering on a regular basis and all forms of personal hygiene are good habits and are beneficial so we don’t want to stop them.

Bad habits are things which your routine is based on but you would like to stop. These can include many things, the most common being biting nails, sucking thumb, nose picking and hair pulling to name just a few.

Through online counselling we can often find ways of stopping those habits as we can find out what gains we get from them. We may then be able to find other ways of achieving those gains, therefore reducing the need for the habit. Also habits are frequently caused through stress and anxiety and learning how to cope with stress and anxiety can help us stop the habit.

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