Online counselling over Skype for anxiety disorders.

Anxiety is a form of worry, when there are things happening that are unpleasant to us or to other people that we love. It is no wonder we worry and become anxious, in fact it would be surprising if we didn’t.

As with all of our emotions anxiety is an instinctive emotion, it is there to protect us. It comes from a time when we were animals and we needed to be anxious all the time as there was always something waiting around the corner to bite our heads off.

We have made life very comfortable for ourselves and as humans we have no predators. We live very comfortable lives in warm and secure houses with plenty of food to eat. We have painkillers and doctors to look after us and have very little to worry about, but of course we do and then anxiety takes over and we become anxious about the least little thing. We even become anxious about being anxious.

Anxiety online counselling over Skype gives you a chance to talk about how you are feeling, to discuss why you might have started to feel anxious in the first place. Very often just an understanding of what started the anxiety can be very beneficial. We may be able to find ways that can reduce your anxiety and live your life in a more relaxed and calm way.

Please use the form below if you would like to take advantage of the opportunity of a 20 minute free consultation over Skype which will allow us to find a convenient time for both of us to talk.