Empathic online Counseling over Skype from the comfort and privacy of your home.

 Girl recieving online counselin

You can now receive empathic counseling over Skype without going to a counselor or having a counselor enter your home.

With improvements in technology, I can now offer counseling over Skype. This enables you to have one to one counseling, either with a video link so we are able to see one another whilst talking, or audio-only.

Online counseling can have advantages over traditional counseling. You don’t have to go anywhere as you can do it from home. You may well feel less intimidated because you can simply turn your computer off at any time you like. From experience counseling can be just as effective online, it can also allow you to feel more private and even anonymous.

Many emotional problems can be helped with empathic counseling including anxiety, stress, phobia, depression, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, jealousy, and many unresolved issues throughout life.

Panic attack

Sexual problems
Stress Therapy
Stop smoking
Bad habits
Losing weight
Unresolved issues


All you need a computer, microphone and webcam. Most modern laptops have a microphone and webcam included, therefore you have all you need. However, you may wish to invest in a headset including headphones and microphone for more privacy and better quality. Or you may prefer a separate microphone and a separate webcam. You then need only download Skype which is very easy to then set up.